Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Malady,Martinis and memory sticks.

Salut reader!

Well, after a lot of delayed action I have finally created a blog. Hurrah! It'll be interesting to see if I can keep this up.
Just on my lunch at the moment. Feel a bit sick. I probably have caught the bug that's been doing the rounds in my office for the past two weeks. Why people can't cough with their hand over their mouth is a mystery to me!

I hope I won't be ill for my long weekend trip to Naples.
I've just finished reading The Talented Mr Ripley and a lot of the book is set around that part of Italy so I'm more than a tad inspired. The weather forecast looks like heavy rain with a temperature of 22c! How can you dress in those conditions? It has to be something light yet not too absorbent.
Ergh, my head hurts just thinking about it.

Eating my depressing 99p 'Thai' noodles from Sainbury's. I need to stop buying crap for lunch because I'm lazy and start buying stuff that actually is satisfying and has some nutritional content.

I've got a job interview today at 5pm. Very much looking forward to it and not to nervous.
After that I'll have a celebratory Martini and go get myself a new Ipod. I really need one. My old one had the same memory as a free memory stick I got at a PR event! Tres embarrassing!

That's all for now. Think my 2D line manager is on the prowl.
Meow for now!


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