Friday, 17 September 2010

Carry on Harrington!

The chill of the autumn is making itself felt slowly but surely.
The time to fold up your shorts and pack away your flip flops is nigh.
With early morning starts you certainly need to cover up more and more.
But it’s not exactly arctic temperatures quite yet so you don’t want a full on wool number just yet.

Enter the Harrington jacket.
This lightweight, waist-length jacket was first made by British clothing company Baracuta since 1937. These easy to wear jackets are the perfect choice for these in-between weathers. Light enough to keep you cool, yet substantial enough to keep those chilly winds at bay.

Since their early days Harrington’s have grown from strength to strength with Elvis Presley and James Dean wearing them in the 1950’s then Steve McQueen and mods sported them during the 1960’s.

Harringtons are wonderfully easy to wear yet cut a cool look that oozes classic masculine confidence.
Often seen with tartan lining and button details to the neck and pockets, these jackets are excellent for wearing both on work days and weekends out and about.

Wear them with jeans, a polo shirt and trainers for a classic Brit lad look or dress them up with tailored trousers, loafers, shirt and trilby hat for a nod to Sinatra.
Whatever your personal take on the Harrington there is a wide choice available for you to truly make this menswear classic your own.

Baracuta Clothing Home of the Original Harrington Jacket

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