Thursday, 24 January 2013

Men's Spring/Summer 2013 must-have: The tailored white shirt

There are some things in a man's wardrobe that are a must. The tailored white shirt is one of them.
Simplicity and utility are combined in one garment.
Since its inception white shirts are a workwear standard but now with modern style and attention updating this menswear classic.
Breaking out of the office the white tailored shirt is a safe yet stylish fool-proof choice for weekend and smart-casual wear.
The subtle difference with this trend is in the fit and the way you wear it.

Van Heusen
Go for a subtly fitted shirt that goes slightly in at the sides and sits smartly on the shoulders enhancing the male physique.
This look is about showing off your body's best assets and your masculine build.
Stay clear of double/French cuff shirts as these only should be worn with a neck tie and jacket whereas this trend is focusing on a minimal approach. Pick pure cotton shirts as opposed to blended fabrics. The quality is visible in pure cotton versions. Yes, it may take more time to iron and you may have to invest in starch spray but it will be worth it. Being stylish isn't easy!
Avoid shirts with breast pockets. You are after a clean, minimalistic look.

Now for the styling tips; Personally I think there are two ways to wear it and both of these focus on the collar:

1)Wear your shirt collar buttoned up fully for a modern, confident geek-chic inspired result.
2) have the collar open. Go ahead and don't be shy to let those top two buttons open or even a third for the more daring. If you have chest hair (or a 'love rug' as I like to call it) don't be afraid to show a bit of it off. Not too much otherwise you'll look a bit like a 1970s Burt Reynolds and that's not a look we'll go for this season.
You're a man who's proud to be manly. Waxed chests are for porn stars.
Finish the look with some grey, black or navy slim fit trousers and some slick Derbys or brogues with a belt in a matching hue and you're all set.

Thomas Pink standard point poplin slim fit shirt

Curve Collar

ASOS Smart Shirt With Curve Collar

Jonathan Goldstein and Ivri Lider of TYP


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