Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Mad on Mad Men's Stirling style

The whole world and his wife is hooked on the hit US TV show Mad Men. I myself feel like the show was created for me being a huge fan of the history of menswear.
Aside from the multi-faceted characters, gripping story lines and quotable one-liners, Mad Men is a visually stimulating showcase of classic menswear.
Set in New York in the early 1960’s Mad Men harks back to a golden age when men were men and women were ladies.

Aside from the comments on social history, the show has given men a greater realisation that men’s fashion and style can be masculine and powerful.
The late 1950’s and early 1960’s at a first glance can seem quite restrictive in terms of men’s, but it was the social rules of etiquette and perceived masculinity that made men work harder in self expression through dress. Attention to detail with a focus on accessories gave men the chance to shine.

It’s this attitude that is making a major comeback. Grey slim fitting suits are the order of the day for both work and occasion wear whilst bow ties have gained back a momentum that would make the Playboy Bunny proud.

You can flick through any men’s fashion magazine in the newsagents today to see this trend is everywhere. And it’s not just in clothing.
I was having a chat with my barber the last time I got a trim and he said that there has been a great rise in his customers asking for a classic ‘Short back and sides’ and also for the iconic quiff. Slicked back hair gives you a clean, fresh and confident look that is perfect for both the office and the nightclubs.

On my recent trip to the opticians I couldn’t help but notice the vast array of thick rimmed specs available. The classic Buddy Holly and Malcolm X ‘geeky’ style is once again de rigueur of ‘face furniture’ instantly giving you a retro, intelligently chic look.

Cardigans blend wonderfully well into this trend and are great for adding layers to both your workwear as well as your casualwear.

Going after that Mad Men look will leave you feeling classic, confident and strangely powerful.

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