Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Office Christmas party style

The date’s been confirmed, people are putting their name down and the venue has been booked.

Yes dear reader ‘tis the office Christmas party or ‘Xmas work do’ for the less formal.

The question on everyone’s lips in our office is ‘Are you dressing up?’.
My response is a rather vague ‘Sort of…’.
Deciding what to wear for the occasion can be a bit of a minefield.
‘Is that too dressy?’ ‘Is this too casual?’ ‘Why bother?’ echo in your mind.
Obviously the location of your staff party can act as a helpful aid in directing you to occupational festive success.

If your party is going to be held in a rather upmarket bar or club then I think you could wear something that you’d normally wear on a Saturday night out.
But if it’s in a pub or bowling alley I think it’d be fine to go in jeans and a casual top.

Going the extra distance and consciously making a bit of an effort with your outfit can only be a positive thing. Not only will you look and feel good but you’re bound to receive positive comments from your colleagues and maybe even that much sought after approving nod from your boss.

I can’t promise that by donning your new designer shirt will lead your boss into finally giving you that pay rise you’ve been angling for but it can’t hurt, right?

If you’re going straight from the office to the venue then there you have two options:

1) Wear your outfit during the working day then you can go straight to the party or
2) Bring a change of clothes and do a quick Clark Kent in the cubicle of your office loos.

As with many occasions you can’t fail with the tried and tested smart casual direction and go for the classic smart jeans and tailored shirt approach.
You could also choose tailored trousers if you want to really make a night of it.

Due to the cold weather it’s a good idea to add a smartly tailored jacket to keep you warm and also add a touch of suave style.
You should probably not bother with a tie or bow tie as this would formalise your look and one of the best things about work dos is the loosening of your look but do get a bit of your personality in. You could add a colourful pocket square or some jazzy cufflinks.

Finish off your outfit with some smartly polished shoes and you’re all set to look cool for yule!

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