Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Of pen and ink...

Nothing says confidence like a handwritten letter or note.
In a time where emails and texts shoot through the air on invisible waves of communication the pen seems more and more antiquated with each new app or Word update.
I’m confident that this won’t kill off handwriting as we know it but just change, outline and redefine our perceptions of it.

At best a modern man of the world may reach for a ballpoint to sign off letters, but just imagine the quintessential masculine elegance of a fountain pen.
Picture the gently rolling curves of wet ink seeping into the fibres of paper as you drag the sharp nib along the parchment.

All men like a challenge to some degree and I challenge you now to go out and pick up a fountain pen. Don’t just use and abuse it, you must become a master of this fine tool. Cursive writing was created for use with proper ink and a nib (well, a quill back then to be precise) and this comes across in the writing.

Imagine how dapper you’d feel by whipping out a slick Parker fountain pen from your breast pocket to sign a cheque or business document.
Even if you just use it for Christmas, birthday and Valentine’s cards, the recipient will take note and appreciate your efforts, for the markings of a proper fountain pen are unmistakable.

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